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Saturday, September 6, 2014

A visit to Parliament of Canada at Ottawa

Thursday, August 7, 2014


    Most religions on earth claim to explain what is God and bind their followers to a set of rules, rituals, identities, 'do's', 'don'ts', etc. These religions neither prove nor disprove existence of God. Many a time, religions use desires of people for worldly gains and fear against losses, to drive people into religious-fold. Summarily, religions have been largely used by smart people for political, business and/or popularity gains. Religiosity has virtually divided mankind in the name of God for worldly gains. No religion can unequivocally claim to bring its followers face-to-face with God. Among ancient scriptures, cosmic form of God was seen by Arjuna face-to-face and described in fair detail in Bhagwad Gita. In the discussion that follows in this scripture, even God advises Arjuna to renounce all religions/dharmas and conscientiously do his duty and dedicate it to God and named this philosophy of 'work is worship' as karam yog. This derives that even before Krishna's times (more than 5000 years ago), religions had become an obstacle in performing the right duty of bringing peace, prosperity and justice in society. Gita explains 'God is universe and universe is God' and all living or non-living identities are part and parcel of ONE greatest Indentity called Virat God. This knowledge is understood better by science than religions. Scientists appreciate this better as they perceive elementary particles going in circles all the time to maintain the atomic structure and taming of matter-energy interactions; atoms sharing electrons to become stronger by becoming molecules and macromolecules; molecules doing disciplined work to sustain living entities; cell organelles working hard to sustain cellular life; cells join in team-work to form tissues and organs; and finally organs working hard with discipline to make a healthy plant, animal and man. The problem arises when man has to perform disciplined duty towards peace, prosperity and justice of earthlings. Unfortunately, religions have taken over God without any justification. It is time to think wisely and resist division of mankind in the name of multiplicity of religions and unite in the glory of ONE GOD.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Philosophy of 'seeking Truth' is a unique gift to man - all other living-forms have to evolve into man to deserve this.

Evolution is driven by the seekers of happiness. Seekers of Truth say NO to evolution and surrender to Truth - the real short-cut to Eternal Bliss.

Becoming one's own observer is the greatest wisdom.

Wielding of ego is the greatest comedy of existence.

Creation is an illusion as God Himself is the Centre of all varieties of beings and things. Search Him within.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Instincts are evolutionary remains that all living beings - including humans - follow for their safety and survival.

Wisdom is derived from impartial observations of actions of self and others in interactive environment.

Man has been the sole contributory to development of a good and comfortable quality of life on earth, other living-beings may too have benefitted from human wisdom.

At the same time, man has not been able overcome selfish instincts despite his wonderful wisdom. This has put man versus man - a dangerous scenario on earth.

A body like United Nations may form a unit for deep study of human behaviour and find ways to get over instinctive selfishness - maybe, there is gene behind it. Tackling this malaise systematically, make this world HAPPY for all one day.